When Multitasking is No Longer the Answer…

20 Dec

Most of the time, I lazily wake up in the morning, burdened by yesterday’s unaccomplished to-do list; feeling like the sleeping time will never be enough.

Well, yes. It’s the unaccomplished to-do list. I might have tens tasks to do everyday, I’ve been like a multitasking computer brain, but I could hardly find ZERO unchecked task by the end of the day. Tired? Yes. Need recharge? Yes. Life batt gets charged? Never enough. Tasks done? Not all.

Quite stressful, isn’t it? Until I found this useful article in my LinkedIn network and say: ‘Hey! it’s that simple, but sometimes I just don’t realize. And what I need to do now is only to make it a habit… and get things done!

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7 Things Highly Productive People Do | LinkedIn.

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