“The-Special-10” Anniversary Card

20 May

This is my first post about my personal project in this blog. I’ve always wanted to share, yet most of the time I successfully found many excuses to escape. Ha, ha.

I always love events: occasional or seasonal. I tend to find my way in celebrating them. Sometimes I celebrated Mother’s day with special dinner, birthdays with full-of-surprises dinner, cute cards, and unpredictable gifts, anniversary with cakes and memorable cards, and many more.

As I have passion in designing, I find it fun to spend nights only to make my own mind-and-eyes-satisfying creations. I will share some of my collections to you in this blog, starting from my last-year-project, “The-Special-10” Anniversary Card.

“The-Special-10” Anniversary Card

In front of the card there is a big number “1” to show our priceless year. Inside the card, besides our selected photo, I put the blank list of “10 things I like about you” for us to write down on the celebration-day. I made a set of 2 cards, so that each of us can have our own memorable-card to keep, which will always remind us on how precious we are to our couple.

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