About Me

Henny in Action

I am Henny Wahyuni, an Indonesian Graphics Designer who has huge interest on effective visual communications design and is now focusing on enriching design culture in my hometown, Medan – Indonesia.


My love to design has brought me to several design studies until I finally realized that the best study is actually our own experience.

I have been designing since 2003, doing some fun projects and taking orders from some friends and colleagues. Until then I was seriously involved in professional design in 2007, where I started to do projects from the real customers.

I spent my time creating corporate designs, local and international events’ artworks, digital imaging, motivational projects, and any other projects related to graphics. My design studies led me to produce the functional aesthetic works; while my communication community guided me to speak through my design; my writing experience assisted me to provide better information; and my computing background enriched my design into every detail.

In addition, I was encouraged when: I placed 1st in “Best Valentine’s Creative Contest” in 2006; “Best Club Newsletter Contest” of Toastmasters District 51 (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia) in 2009; was granted as one of the Designers to break the MURI (Indonesia Record Museum)’s record for 1001 Magazine Cover Design event, of Concept Media, an Indonesian Graphic Design Magazine; and became Favorite Winner in “Seasons Greetings Design Contest” of a local supermarket.

By last month, in April 2012, I was again so honored to be awarded 1st place in “’s Shirt Design Competition”.

Blog’s Purpose:

Design in our life nowadays is just like a nutritious supplementary food for human body. Business, social life, daily life, will always need design much more then we could think of before. It affected how we buy things, use things, look at any matters, even live our lives.

As I love to learn, I’m very pleased to share too. I wrote this blog to share about my thoughts, experience, and information about design. I strongly encouraged all of you to write and comment too. You can find some of my design projects in

Sharing and learning,
Henny Wahyuni


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