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It’s blogging time!

Hi, World!
This is the time when I could bring into reality my intention to have a BLOG!

There are many reasons why I have been thinking of having a blog:

1. I saw many blogs around: spreading information and inspiration, and I think this just beautifies human’s life!

2. For me, internet is just like my ‘Window of the World’. It’s much knowledgeable than any books I could read. It’s much easier and faster than any media I could reach. It’s much broader than any part of world I could live in. So, it’s time for me to also return what I have taken from it.

3. I did some writings and publications in my early years, but I always found excuses to do anything else and put writing as the last in my list. I realize that this is not a good habit, while keep writing can keep our brain sharp or at least keep our mind work effectively.

There are also many reasons on why I have not had the chance to have even one blog. But now, I know I have to make it true, to share my thought and experience.
So, now… it’s the BLOGGING TIME!

My best wishes to the world!


Posted by on November 11, 2011 in Thoughts