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When Val’s day and Birthday Comes Together

Some people arrange their marriage on Valentine’s day. They said it was a blessed to combine those two memorable romantic day of the year. This year, I found out that there is a girl who celebrates her birthday on Valentine’s day. What a loving coincidence: she was born with love from her beloved parents, surrounded with loving family, and she is so lucky to have everybody in the world celebrating her birthday as a day of LOVE.

Don’t you think this is beautiful and loving?

I made her a multi functional greeting card-gift box, or whatever it should be called on that beautiful day. It has soft pinky Valentine’s theme and created for 2 purposes: wishing a great Birthday and a happy wonderful Valentine’s day.


Multifunctional Gift Box

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Val’s Gift, it’s sweet!

For some people, Valentine’s day is the most romantic day in every year, so do I. I actually believe that treating our loved ones best is not only on Val’s day.. but to love them each and every single day. Yet, as this is a very popular and fun-to-celebrate day, why we don’t put our extra effort on it?

This was one of my early-prepared valentine’s gifts:

Sweet Valentine’s Gift

It was actually a set of gift. It included the box, the ‘dedicated-to’ card, the puzzle-mode love card, hidden poems,exclusively-designed chocolate packaging, the day-and-night-baked dark and white chocolate, and even the hidden gift. Dark chocolate was supposed to be the highest quality chocolate and good for health in its own way, so it showed the high-class taste of food. White chocolate was to represent sincerity and purity of giving and sharing. All were carefully prepared with blossom heart.

After all, I couldn’t imagine how he would take all those chocolate on his own. Ha, ha…

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A Birthday Card “Set”

Now, it’s a set!

When a special person in our life is celebrating his historical date, why not make a special stuff for him too? For me, special could mean the-only-one, unique, unpredictable, precious, and COMPLETE!

I started the plan with a unique birthday card. It took me full-4-days to start thinking, researching, drawing, printing, and executing everything into the correct pieces. It has the birthday ‘pop-up’ card (with his favourite menu:coffee), the cover for the main card (with colorful lines to show how colorful my life with him around), the “happy BIRTHDAY” pop-up stand (for him to display this card-set all the time -he-he), and the envelope (for the whole things).

The Birthday Card Set

With this card set accompanying his birthday gift, he admitted he could never choose which one was actually the main gift for him.

Here is the complete look of the card set:

When special means the-only-one, unique, unpredictable, precious, and COMPLETE!

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Quilling Birthday Card

New things always worth a try, especially when it looks amazing to the eyes.

I have my first try of quilling while planning for a birthday card. It just popped up in my mind to make a card by quilling. Combining photos, illustration, computer-aided design, and quilling, here it is my Quilling Birthday Card:

The card simply delivered the messages and wishes I would like to send. I just loved it.

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“The-Special-10” Anniversary Card

This is my first post about my personal project in this blog. I’ve always wanted to share, yet most of the time I successfully found many excuses to escape. Ha, ha.

I always love events: occasional or seasonal. I tend to find my way in celebrating them. Sometimes I celebrated Mother’s day with special dinner, birthdays with full-of-surprises dinner, cute cards, and unpredictable gifts, anniversary with cakes and memorable cards, and many more.

As I have passion in designing, I find it fun to spend nights only to make my own mind-and-eyes-satisfying creations. I will share some of my collections to you in this blog, starting from my last-year-project, “The-Special-10” Anniversary Card.

“The-Special-10” Anniversary Card

In front of the card there is a big number “1” to show our priceless year. Inside the card, besides our selected photo, I put the blank list of “10 things I like about you” for us to write down on the celebration-day. I made a set of 2 cards, so that each of us can have our own memorable-card to keep, which will always remind us on how precious we are to our couple.

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