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TIPS: Text with Gradient [Adobe lllustrator]

The other day, I tried to put a text with gradient in my artwork, using Adobe Illustrator software. And this is what I did:

1. Click on the Type Tool [T] and type “GRADIENT” (in black color)
2. Activate the Gradient Panel and start picking my color, as follow:
Gradient Type: Linear
Color: from Black 100, to Yellow 100.

And this was what come out: nothing changed. Oops!

3. I did another try. Right click on the text and click “Create Outlines”. And here it was:

    This is better than the first one at the top, as it now showed the Gradient Color, but still not what I want.

4. Next step, I right-click on the outlined text again, and click “Ungroup”
Choose Menu Object > Compound Path > Make.

AND….. it finally showed the correct one! This was what I want:

If you find the similar problem on Text with Gradient.. lets give it a try. The tips is for YOU!

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